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Our Personal Injury Team

Our Personal Injury Team

Our Personal Injury Team is Stewart Daroux, Danielle Daroux,  Leona Lim, Courtney Lloyd and Michelle McLachlan.

Our lawyers Stewart Daroux and Danielle Daroux  have extensive experience (over 45 years combined) successfully representing injured persons in motor vehicle accident and other personal injury cases.   They have experience and training in dealing with serious orthopaedic injuries, multiple traumas, spinal injury, soft tissue injury, brain injury and psychological injury including PTSD, chronic pain and depression.

Our team is dedicated to helping our clients obtain optimal rehabilitation and recovery and fair compensation for their loss and suffering.  In that regard we establish rapport and work with their doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and other health care practitioners to obtain the best medical care.  Before resolving any claim a thorough investigation is conducted to explore diagnosis and prognosis.  Our goal is to ensure that the possibility of any future complications or work limitations is addressed and factored into the presentation of our clients’ cases to minimize the possibility of a client being undercompensated.

Both Stewart and Danielle Daroux work together on every file so all of our clients get the added benefit of “two lawyers for the price of one”.     That’s the Daroux Law Advantage.

We strive to achieve maximal and fair compensation for our clients while minimizing the stress of litigation.  Our lawyers have excellent negotiation and trial skills and experience.

If you or someone close to you is injured in an accident there are important facts which you need to know:

  • The insurance adjuster assigned to your case works for the insurance company and his or her job is in part to ensure that the insurance company minimizes the amount it has to pay you. The adjuster, despite what you may be told otherwise, does not work for you. The adjuster works for the insurance company.  We work for you and represent and protect your interests.
  • We encourage you to consult with our team prior to resolving any claim with the insurance company because there may be complications arising from an injury which may not have been ascertained.
  • We find that it is beneficial for you to retain a lawyer as early in the process as possible – it does not cost any more in legal fees to do so.   We ensure that your rights are protected and only the information which is relevant to your case and properly disclosed goes to the insurance company.
  • Insurance companies often try to resolve claims quickly and without injured persons having the benefit of legal representation – this often can lead to injured persons not receiving adequate compensation.
  • Our offices only represent injured persons and do not represent ICBC or any insurance company.
  • We act for injured persons on a percentage of recovery basis so that no fee is paid up front. We are also willing in most cases to use our firm’s credit facilities to finance the cost of disbursements necessary to advance your claim.
  • Time limits may apply. Call us for a free initial consultation.

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